This free checklist will empower the boss in you to make confident business moves by giving you the tools to build confident operations that help you and your business thrive. 

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Designed for SheEOs who want to take control of their business operations and streamline their internal systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness. During this 2-hour session, our expert consultants conduct a thorough audit of your business, identifying areas where improvements can be made and solutions can be implemented.

Business Operations Audit 

investment of $160

90 Minute Thrive Consultation

This service provides end-to-end business management for high-level SheEOs who are looking to take their work-life balance to the next level. Our team of expert consultants will act as your personal COO, taking care of all aspects of your business management on your behalf.

Done for you Business support with a monthly retainer

Online Business Management Services

Our done with you SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) development service is designed to help business owners create effective and efficient systems that are scalable. We work alongside you, collaborating every step of the way, to develop standard operating procedures that fit your business needs.

3 or 6 month commitment

Collaborative SOP Development

uh yesss!

Ready to get started?

We work closely to implement new systems and processes, hire a team, provide training and support, and monitor progress to ensure that your personalized strategy is working as planned. 



Now that we understand your goals and objectives we will create a 90 day thrive plan that supports and guides you in achieving your goals while fixing your bottlenecks.  

create your Strategy plan


book a consult

We review your internal and external operations, and team operations, and gather other relevant data identifying your business bottlenecks which serve as a basis for your customized thrive plan.


about the process

How it Works

Complimentary Thrive Consultation

Provides access to guidance and advice on how to improve your business operations.

During the consultation, the consultant will assess your business needs and identify the most beneficial level of support.

Free of charge and comes with no obligation to continue with the consultant's services.

Gain clarity on where to focus your efforts and receive direction on how to move forward in improving your business.

An ideal starting point for a business owner who feels overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin in improving their operations.

Jumpstart Your Business

Our complimentary OBM consultation provides expert guidance to help you identify key areas for improvement and jumpstart your business toward success.

Eliminate the belief that you can never catch up with your workload, and instead choose to concentrate on expanding your business, increasing your client base, and completing more projects.

My services are for you if you are ready to...

My services are not for you if...

You have accepted the notion that you can never catch up with your workload, and disregard any thoughts of growing your business, acquiring new clients, or finishing more projects.

Transform into a self-assured leader of your projects and schedule as well as concentrate on critical business tasks that will generate revenue.

Cultivate the practice of thinking and planning ahead to overcome the distractions that derail your progress, while being able to execute tasks with calm and control that propel your business towards success.

Stay as an uncertain leader of your projects and schedule, and don't wish to prioritize crucial business tasks that can generate revenue.

Are just starting out and do not have a clear direction, a defined business model, or a stable revenue stream. If you are not willing to delegate responsibility or are not open to change, you may not be a good fit for an OBM

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