Online Business Manager vs. Virtual Assistant

online business manager vs virtual assistant

Although similar in nature, there are some key differences between an online business manager vs virtual assistant. Understanding these differences will help you determine which person is right for your business.

On average, virtual assistants have 5-10 clients that they juggle work for on a regular basis. They are responsible for completing individual tasks assigned to them. Online business managers typically have no more than 3 clients and are responsible for keeping the business running smoothly.

Let’s take a closer look…

Virtual Assistant

Typically aren’t concerned about the big picture; instead, they focus on doing the tasks.

Responsible for completing tasks assigned to them – i.e. formatting ebooks, conducting research, sending newsletters, and working in shopping carts.

Success is achieved when the work is completed & delivered promptly.
To increase their work hours, thus income, for each client without having the added responsibility of managing others.

VA’s are typically hired during the early stages of business. They help set up websites & shopping carts, create mailing lists, and so forth. Once the business is going, they continue to work on individual tasks.

online business manager vs virtual assistant

Online Business Manager

An OBM Understands the big picture and works with the business owner to outline & oversee the steps necessary to get there.

Responsible for ensuring the business runs smoothly by creating operation manuals, training assistants, managing assignments, schedules, and staff.

Success is achieved when the business is operating efficiently & the entire team is happy.

Build long-term, trusting relationships with business owners who value the working relationship and compensate accordingly.

OBMs are hired when business owners have grown beyond the startup phase. They cannot manage everything and still continue to grow, or perhaps, they’ve grown tired of managing the day-to-day operations.

As you can see, the role of an Online Business Manager is much different than a Virtual Assistant and yet, you can clearly benefit from hiring both. 

Have questions about how an Online Business Manager vs Virtual Assistant can help you? Reach out I am always happy to chat. 

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